.Net Projects

  • CU Interface mpowered: Member Data @ Your Fingertips
    mpowered logo

    This is my largest-scale project to date. I was lead developer / architect on the system, creating a one-of-kind, all-inclusive core data processing system for credit unions. The system has more than a million lines of code and manages nearly $4 Billion in assets for more than 30 credit unions across the US.

    In June 2022, CTS group CUSO invested significantly toward their goal of buying the company for its flagship product.

  • Batch Command
    Screenshot of Batch Command

    Batch Command Program for scheduling remote shutdown and restart of EZ Outlet switches. Supports multi-port and single-port versions 2, 3, and 5. Ideal for shutting down groups of switches to prevent damage to sensitive equipment during extreme weather or emergency events.

  • XML-based Mobile App API

    Web service backbone for Android and iOS mobile apps to interface with mpowered core

  • ASP.Net Home Banking site

    Responsive website for Account Holders to access their Credit Union shares, loans, self-service pages and more.

  • ISO 8583 ATM services

    Realtime Debit Card Processing

    Realtime Credit Card Processing

    Shared Branching network integration

  • Babel Class Builder

    An open source library for generating flat file reading and writing classes in several languages.

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