• White label Home Banking app

    As Software Architect for CU Interface, I built a white label Home Banking Mobile app for 30+ credit unions including Remote Deposit, Loan Payments, Biometrics, Account Transfers and more.

    In 2008, this was one of the first credit union mobile app for a credit union that was more than just a business card in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

  • Mobile games with Cocos2D
    Menu for Kana Katana

    I learned a lot from including building an iPad game called Kana Katana to teach Japanese alphabets by slicing paper lanterns in a Fruit Ninja clone. The Cocos2D version is now out of date and may be ported to Unity

  • Faunavale: an Interactive storybook with Cocos2D
    Scene from storybook of Bluejay and Peacock

    I've always loved fairy tales and wrote a series for my friends and family. The app adds interactivity to the pages such as animations, drag and drop on-screen elements, etc. The Cocos2D version is now out of date and may be ported to Unity.

  • I'm working on some Augmented Reality with ARKit. I can't reveal this one yet.

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