Accelerate coding of flat file specs

Instantly download file reader / writer source code for public specifications or rapidly build your own with our simple data entry interface.

How does it work?

  • Download code for reading & writing data for Public Flat File Specifications.
  • Reduce compliance project turnaround time by reusing public specifications like IRS, Community Reinvestment Act, et cetera
  • See it in action on youtube.
  • Contribute to Open Source projects or keep private repositories with subscription
  • Simple data entry interface to capture specification definition.
  • Automatically generate production-ready software in multiple programming languages.

Source code in multiple languages


  • Download pre-defined formats
  • Rapidly map your own specifications
  • Reduce time to market by building with best practices
  • Delegate to Business Analysts instead of Engineers
  • Expedite testing
  • Dramatically reduce failed unit tests

Output Code features

  • Easy to use
  • Comment-rich code for easy maintenance
  • Validate field lengths add up to record length
  • Validation of field data type
  • Constraints by custom value lists
  • Supports hierarchical data
  • Compare Control and Aggregate records
  • Define internal sub-field layouts within field

Sample output

Source Code created by Class Builder