Frequently Asked Questions

In short, it's not quite there yet. Ask Chat-GPT 3.5 to create a file reader for the IRS Pub 1220 tax reporting file, and it will give you basic instructions on how YOU would code one, plus a little boilerplate. You may even get some partial classes with good guesses at the type of fields such a file might contain, but the "..." will take as much coding as just starting from scratch in the IDE.

Image of a Gemini 1.5 Chat session

Gemini 1.5 is closer, but the preview version won't accept a PDF as large as the IRS Pub 1220, requires a lot of prompting just to explain the basic task, can't handle the more advanced validation and conditional logic, and still makes plenty of mistakes defining the basic record structures.

Babel Class Builder stores the file, record, and field layout properties as metadata. We are not storing or exchanging the file contents or end user data with your partners. Storing a specification allows you to map the file, record, and field layouts, generate source code for a reader / writer class. You can then download these classes for use in your own applications.

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